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MHCCS Accounts Receivable Service saves MHCCS service providers valuable practice time and resources and focus on building core competencies.

MHCCS providers have tried managing accounts receivables, in the process ended up mismanaging the whole thing, resulting in reduced cash flow and increased collection cost and negligence. Our account receivable service improves cash flow, reduces account receivables, increases collection ratios, and enhances customer relationships with timely Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Service. MHCCS has invested in building cutting-edge technology and highly skilled workforce to provide best practice and service. Our professional approach and timely follow-up has increased the revenue to many MHCCS providers. Call center executives meticulously follow patient records, analyze them, take up with the insurance companies, address and rectify the problem.

Importance of Account Receivable (A/R)

  • The physicians, nursing homes and hospitals then get paid by the patients as well as by the insurance companies in return.
  • It is to be noted that the insurance model is very important for small as well as big organizations.
  • The function of AR team is to analyze the denied claims, partial payments and non- payments.
  • The effectiveness of this account receivable team will determine the financial health of medical billing companies, physicians, nursing homes and hospitals.