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Common Medical Billing Issues

Collecting Accounts Receivable

Often, one of the most prominent issues with medical billing is attempting to collect accounts receivables. A dedicated, well-organized staff and physician often aren’t enough to follow through on all medical insurance billing, especially if there are a significant number of patients being treated on a regular basis.

Not Enough Time in the Day

While office managers are highly effective at helping patients, organizing paperwork and addressing immediate billing inquiries, they often aren’t able to manage all of these tasks while also handling other medical billing issues. This often means that medical billing services such as posting credits and adjustments to patient ledgers, appealing denied claims and managing all accounts receivable impede on an individual’s ability to properly take care of patients when they are physically in the office.

Billing is Often Left to One Individual

When any office task is solely delegated to one individual, the potential for further medical billing issues is practically unavoidable. When an office manager is absent from the office, medical insurance billing comes to a halt, further compromising a practice’s ability to collect the money that they are owed for services rendered.

Patient Ledger Errors Resulting in Decreased Business

Perhaps one of the leading reasons why patients seek out alternate treatment is due to medical billing errors that are often the result of disorganized office operations. This can lead to a loss of trust and loss of business.

Eliminate Your Medical Billing Issues

When you take advantage of all of the medical billing services that MHCCS Medical Billing has to offer, you will never have to settle for collecting anything less than 100% of everything that you produce.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations, using the expertise of our medical billing specialists to reverse claims through professional appeals while collecting all of the compensation that you deserve from insurance companies. With industry-leading tactics and guidance, you can take confidence in our ability to render all necessary medical billing services to lead to the most favorable outcome for your practice.

Build a Relationship With Our Professionals

MHCCS Medical Billing is adaptive, meaning that we can work with the healthcare billing software that you already use in your practice. If you don’t have any software whatsoever, we provide you with a Practice Management Software free of charge. After establishing our medical billing services with your preexisting or new software, we are able to record EOBs daily, making them available to your practice as well.

Guaranteed Cash Flow

When office managers become ill or must take a few days off, you will no longer have to worry when you implement the premier medical billing services of XYZ Medical Billing. There will no longer be disruptions in collections as there is always someone working on your medical billing collections regardless of what is occurring in your practice.

Ensure Accurate Accounting

Additionally, our medical billing services ensure that all insurance payments and adjustments are posted properly to all patient ledgers. With outstanding service both inside and outside of the office, you will no longer have to worry about patients leaving your practice due to disorganized billing.

Begin Handling Your Medical Billing Properly Today

With the experience and professional expertise required to execute medical billing properly, MHCCS Medical Billing is the only resource that you will ever need to collect the money that you deserve for your services. You will receive all payments directly, meaning that the assistance of our professional, remote medical billing specialists are all that you need to make a difference in your business.

Experience the Difference of the MHCSS Medical Billing Solution

  • : Implement Proper Medical Insurance Billing Software.
  • Connect to a Secure Web Based Platform.
  • Begin Your Medical Billing Collections.
  • Regular Reporting That Keeps You in the Know.